The 19th Time Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy Meeting (TRVS) is a biennial international conference that gathers experts in the field of time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy and provides them with a forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge about the latest advances in the field. The history of TRVS traces back to 1982 when the first meeting was held in Lake Placid, USA. Since the second meeting in 1985 TRVS has been held every two years, circulating between America, Europe, and Asia. The conference is typically in a single residential site allowing close interaction among all attendees.

The scientific session of TRVS consists of invited talks, contributed talks and poster presentations.  Awards are made to TRVS fellows, two awards for young scientists and a number of poster prizes. The Conference will run from 8 – 13 September 2019.

The conference covers the following topics:

  • Dynamics of liquids, solids, interfaces, and nanostructured materials
  • Chemical, vibrational, and hydrogen bonding dynamics
  • Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy in molecular biophysics and photobiology
  • Proton and electron transfer studies for energy conversion and storage
  • Advances in multi-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy: Infrared, Raman, and terahertz
  • New infrared and terahertz laser sources and spectrometers
  • Single molecule vibrational spectroscopy
  • Theoretical and computational spectroscopy


Previous conferences

Previous TRVS meetings have been held in the following locations:

1982 Lake Placid, NY, USA
1985 Bayreuth­Bischofsgrun, Germany
1987 Amersfoort, The Netherlands
1989 Princeton, NJ, USA
1991 Tokyo, Japan
1993 Berlin, Germany
1995 Santa Fe, NM, USA
1997 Oxford, UK
1999 Tucson, AZ, USA
2001 Okazaki, Japan
2003 Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy
2005 Gaithersburg, MD, USA
2007 Freising, Germany
2009 Meredith, NH, USA
2011 Ascona, Switzerland
2013 Beppu, Japan
2015 Madison, USA
2017 Cambridge, UK